Family Pond Plunking

Date: Saturday, April 11
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Summer Nature Camps @ Broadlands Nature Center

Elementary Age Camps Animal Art Age Group: Pre-k/K: Children must be 4 years old by the start of camp  Cost: $120.00 Dates: 6/18-6/22  Duration: 9am-noon Discover the animals at Broadlands through drawing, painting, constructing, and acting in this imaginative camp.  Dirt, Worms and Other Ickys Cost: $120.00  Dates: 6/25-6/29 Duration: 9am-noon Exploration of worms, slugs and snakes are just the beginning as we discover what’s really lurking in the soil beneath our feet. Talons and Teeth Cost: $120.00  Age Group:1st -2nd Grade Dates: 6/18-6/22 Duration: 1-4pm In this camp we will look for large and small predators and learn about how they find their prey Caring for Critters Cost: $120.00  Dates: 6/25-6/29 Duration: 1-4pm Meet and care for a…

Wear Your “Broadlands” Shirt Now

Our custom logo is fun and it represents the wild side of Broadlands; its natural habitats, trails, ponds and parks! Enjoy wearing yours with pride for only $10  Available at the Nature Center. Sizes are limited !                        

Outside Fun? Just For Kids!

Check out nature's alphabet! Letters are hiding on the ground, in the trees, on the water, and in the sky. When you look at the world a little differently, letter shapes pop out at you from everywhere. Ready to go on an alphabet hunt? Go outside with your eyes open wide. Start by looking for the letters in your first name. Found them all? Now try the rest of the alphabet.    To see something new, try a different view. Lie on your back and look up at the sky. Get down low on your hands and knees. Stand on your head to see an upside-down scene.    Over, under, all around. Up high and…

Where Are the Loudoun Outdoors?

Here is a great interactive  Loudoun Outdoors Guide. Hiking and Wildlife On the Water: Kayaking, Canoeing, and Fishing Biking and you can enjoy Interactive Maps and links to additional information all around the county.  

Kids Summer Nature Camps in Broadlands

Don’t stress about the summer. Let your kids enjoy the nature camp right here.

Earthy Science with Kids – Meet Mr. Wiggly

The experience of composting shows us that nature is a cycle. Things grow, die, decay, and return to the earth to help other things grow. Worms, along with other tiny organisms help this process along by digging and eating some of the things in the dirt. “Yuck!” you say? Well, hopefully you will see that organic wastes can become beautiful and healthy soil in which you can grow flowers, crops, and other plants.

Visiting Bullfrog Pond

Bull Frog Pond located in Broadlands is a hidden quite spot for residents in the area. It is also a home for many wildlife in the area.

Feeding Birds During Fall and Winter

You can attract different species of birds to your garden by providing the food they like in a suitable feeder.