Eastern Bluebirds perch erect on wires, posts, and low branches in open country, scanning the ground for prey. They feed by dropping to the ground onto insects or, in fall and winter, by perching on fruiting trees to gulp down berries. Bluebirds commonly use nest boxes as well as old woodpecker holes.

Right Habitat – If your yard has a mix of open areas (for hunting), high perches (for spotting insects and enemies) and a place for a nest box, chances are you could coax a bluebird to stay in your yard. Provide these next steps to really clench the deal and make your yard a bluebird yard!

Right Shelter– Unless you have woods nearby with lots of cavities for nesting, it is usually a good idea to provide a BLUEBIRD SPECIFIC Birdhouse. Bluebirds have specific requirements as to their personal preferences and their need to be protected from enemies. See the link to the North American Bluebird Society below for specifics. You can either build your own house or buy one already built.

ALWAYS provide MORE than one birdhouse on your property. If you have only one, other birds will come and fight over it and your bluebirds WILL loose that fight. If you have more than one, they usually co-exist peacefully. Place them about 20 feet apart. We have 4 n our property.  Mount the birdhouse on a pole, fence post, out building or tree. Provide appropriate protection from maurading House Sparrows, Raccoons, Cats, Snakes and Squirrels. Baffles or greased poles work well for most of those

Food– Providing the birds with something to eat when they arrive in the spring could be the SINGLE most important factor in attracting bluebirds to your yard. Following all of the other steps will convince them to stay. Some people buy mealworms and offer them to the bluebirds in a tray or dish. The birds will also eat suet. Fortify it with bits of raisins or currants, some like it with peanut butter mixed in.

PLANT CRABAPPLES – “Profusion” a variety of Crabapple that holds on to it’s small fruits all winter. It is a VERY important food source for our returning birds in the spring. They FLOCK to it.

Water – Provide a water feature of some kind in your yard. A pond, a birdbath, gurgling brook, spill basin, half-barrel with a drip fountain…anything would be appreciated by your birds.