Eco-Friendly Fundraising

Earn Cash for Waste Programs with TerraCycle

TerraCycle has numerous collection programs where the organization is paid two cents per item.  In our case, we collected plastic lunch bags, Capri Sun wrappers, Lays potato chip bags, gum wrappers, energy bar wrappers, markers, glue sticks, and many other items.  The kids in the after-school environmental club counted all of the items.

In order for this program to be successful, you need ample space to store the collections.  Over the years, due to rising fuel costs, TerraCycle requires a minimum amount of collected product before it can be shipped.  For example, energy bar wrappers shipments require a 500 minimum collection.

Also, note, their programs fill very fast so some of the above take-back programs are not available but  TerraCycle constantly institutes new programs.

Electronic Recycling

Recycling FundraiserFunding Factory, and Buymytronics have fundraising opportunities to buy back electronics which include cell phones, iPhones, iPads, and other digital electronic devices.  Some organizations even take back broken items.

Print Cartridge Fundraising

Recycling Fundraiser, Funding Factory, and Earthtone Solutions pay for used print cartridges. Terracycle pays for the cartridges too.

Milk Carton Recycling

Milkmuny buys certain milk and juice cartons. In turn, they make wallets from the cartons.  

Shop Green Fundraising 

Greenraising and Koru Fundraising have oodles of great green products to choose from.  Each organization has an online shopping web page. The above companies offer various fundraising opportunities such as catalog or website drives where an organization can earn up to 45% of the sales commissions.

Snack, lunch, and assorted bag fundraisers

Everyone is trying to reduce the plastic bag habit. Itzy Ritzy® offers fundraising opportunities, as do Planet WiseReSnackIt®, AgainBags, and One Small Step.  Laptop Lunches and Kids Konserve offer lunch bag fundraising.

Coffee, Chocolate, and Tea

Who doesn’t like coffee or tea?  Equal Exchange and Grounds for Change offer organic coffee, chocolate, teas and gifts for fundraising opportunities.


Have an event that you need T-shirts?  Offer the T-shirts as part of the fundraiser. Eco Sprouts and Green Benefits offer sustainable T-shirt fundraising opportunities.

Flower and Seed Power

Spring and fall are perfect times for a seed/bulb fundraiser.  Sow True Seeds and the OnlineGreenHouse offer non-GMO organic seed fundraisers. EcoTulips sells organic bulbs.

Smencils and Smens

Get your fall fundraising off to a good start with Smencils. Who doesn’t need pencils at the beginning of the year?   Smencil and Smens are pencils and pens made out of recycled newspaper that smell good. Also, Smencils are a great Fundraiser for Halloween.  Less candy, more pencils.

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