First of its kind program is designed to create a network of pollinator sanctuaries in the homes of the participating residents in Broadlands.

Broadlands residents are invited to participate with this program and it is to 10 sites. First come first serve. Each registered resident will be able to create a garden to invite butterflies to their home.

Program includes:

  • Assistance in choosing the best site and receive resources needed to create the garden. (If the site is not appropriate, you may not be able to participate.)
  • Selection of specific type and number of native plants, at no charge, that will be hosting monarch butterflies to lay their eggs and provide nectar. Additional plants maybe available as transplants from existing gardens in the community.
  • Participants will be responsible of planting and caring of these plants until they are established.
  • Complete details will be provided at the time of the visit to qualify each application’s site.

Designing a new planting bed can be a daunting task, filled with decisions about size, plant choices and how to get it done without breaking your budget or back. Our main goal is to teach residents of our community how to beautify their spaces that support our pollinators at the same time.