Tree Care

Did you know to give your trees 25 gallons of water per week, and healthy trees add value to your home.

But how do you get the water to them? Here are some tips for moving water to trees this summer.

Transporting water:

  • Use a hose. If you have one of these connected to a water supply you’re in great shape. Conquer any distance by attaching hoses together.
  • Get creative. Use old buckets or water cooler jugs to transport and pour water.
  • Carry water in a wheelbarrow or wagon. Hand-propelled vehicles lighten any load.
  • Use teamwork. If you work together, you can accomplish a lot more. Bring your friends or your family along to help you water trees.

Delivering the water to the tree:

  • Install a slow-release watering bag (such as an Ooze Tube). Use bags that hold the recommended 25 gallons of water. Watering bags can be purchased at most home improvement, garden and nursery stores.
  • Use a funnel. Funnels effectively pour water into watering bags and reduce waste from spilling.
  • Turn a hose on a low trickle for half an hour. If you don’t have a slow-release watering bag, set up your hose to run on a low setting. You can stick around or walk away, but remember to turn the water off after you are finished so that you don’t waste water or over-water the tree.
  • Make your own slow-release watering device. Add holes to the bottom of a bucket and place at the base of a tree. You can fill it up and then walk away.

Remember to take care when watering trees, especially young ones. They will need 25 gallons of water per week on average, delivered slowly and carefully. Street trees in your neighborhood may also need water as they tend to not have much permeable ground nearby to gather water for their roots. It is the responsibility of residents to take care of watering street trees near their property.

To make this even better, install a rain barrel and use that water for your trees at no cost.

Source: Casey Trees

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