Broadlands Nature Center

The Broadlands Nature Center offers year-round programs to the residents of the Broadlands.  The Audubon Naturalist Society and the Broadlands HOA have partnered to provide nature programs for the community. To register, call the HOA office at 703-729-9704 or email to reserve your place in the program. We are outside for most programs, so please dress appropriately and wear sturdy shoes.  Broadlands Nature Center CritterCam, featuring our two bunnies: Zoey and her sister Khloe!  Zoey (brown markings) and Khloe (black markings) came from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.  Image updates every few minutes during daytime. The Nature Center, also the home of Home Owner's Assoc. offers a great outlet for families to visit and learn many…

Exploring Nature Here in Your Community

Do you sometimes wonder what to do with the kids outdoors specially in the winter. Well, you should not have that problem in Broadlands. Family Nature Programs are offered and not only they are fun for the kids but parents also will benefit from it.

Nature Center Programs Update

There is always a place outdoors to explore in Broadlands.

Butterfly Garden

Learn how simply you can create a butterfly garden.

Virginia Farms and Honey Bees

One of Virginia’s most valuable agricultural assets, the honeybee, continues to struggle. Disease problems, a syndrome called colony collapse disorder, and cold weather hit the state’s bee population hard again last winter.   “This past year we’re probably seeing higher losses than the year before,” said Keith Tignor, state apiarist with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. “We’re still surveying, and it will be a few months before we know exact results. But informally we’re hearing of lots of bee losses.”   Winter honeybee losses have averaged 31 percent over the past decade.   Honeybees are extremely valuable, because they are all-purpose pollinators, helping boost production of numerous agricultural crops. Tignor estimated honeybees…