Join our committee if you are interested in community landscaping, gardening and learning about native plants. We’ll be working in the gardens and on programs to support healthier landscaping and environment in our community. Many projects have already been done and we have more to do.

Broadlands Conservation Landscaping Committee was created during the August Board meeting.

What is Conservation Landscaping?
In short, it means using Virginia native plants for Piedmont Region, conserving water, creating plant diversity, improving wildlife habitats and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) while beautifying the areas around us.

As part of our responsibilities, we will participate in rejuvenation and replanting projects throughout the community and prepare recommendations to the Board of native plant selections, to be integrated with ongoing landscaping projects.

Ready to start working on your garden with native plants? We got you covered too!
One of our Committee members is also a landscape designer specializing in native plants. There will be workshops, first one next spring on practical information for what to plant, and where. Shady, sunny, dry or wet spots, rabbits and deer problem? Yes, we have experienced those challenges and will be sharing them with you! How about seeing some of these plants growing right here in Broadlands? Yes, there are demonstration gardens too!

Monthly meetings are planned to start on Tuesday November 13th, 10am and will take place every 2nd Tuesday of the month. We will also rotate the times to be during the day and evenings to accommodate our residents’ availability. Please check the HOA website for additional info or updates. Connect with us on Facebook “Broadlands Naturally” page.

Since 2008, Broadlands has maintained its certification with the National Wildlife Federation’s “Wildlife Habitats Community” program.

Oya Simpson,
Committee Chair  703-725-8040