During the last few year, we had to listen to baby birds and deal with a strange odor coming from our master bathroom vent and recently our dryer stopped working.  One of our vent is over 30 feet from the ground so there was no way we could do it ourselves.  Finally, we decided to hire a company to take care of it.  DeWayne with A Plus Air Duct Cleaning of Ashburn provided an excellent service at a very reasonable price.  We got bird guards installed in 4 air ducts’ vents,  had the bathroom and our dryer vent which was very full cleaned out.  Now the birds can nest in better places.

How to Get Rid of Birds
Simply fixing the vent doesn’t work. They will either re-enter or continue to feed their young through the vent.

FACT: The most effective method to get rid of birds is to remove all the birds and nesting material and completely seal all potential entry points.

Leaving the birds’ nest in the vent, chimney or roof/attic is not recommended.

FACT: The bacteria and parasites in the nest as well as baby bird carcasses will cause severe odour and potential health problems.

Health Risks from Birds
Birds often gravitate to warm nest sites like chimneys, vents and attics.

FACT: Nests in chimneys and vents can block the proper exhausting of carbon monoxide and moisture. This can cause carbon monoxide build-up and mould, both highly hazardous.

Mites, ticks and fleas are commonly found in birds’ nests. Inhaling bird feces can cause an incurable disease known as histoplasmosis, characterized by constant flu-like symptoms.

FACT: The very young, very old and those with impaired immune systems are at greatest risk for severe illness from histoplasmosis.