The Broadlands Nature Center offers year-round programs to the residents of the Broadlands.  The Audubon Naturalist Society and the Broadlands HOA have partnered to provide nature programs for the community. To register, call the HOA office at 703-729-9704 or email to reserve your place in the program. We are outside for most programs, so please dress appropriately and wear sturdy shoes. 

Broadlands Nature Center CritterCam, featuring our two bunnies: Zoey and her sister Khloe!  Zoey (brown markings) and Khloe (black markings) came from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.  Image updates every few minutes during daytime.

The Nature Center, also the home of Home Owner's Assoc. offers a great outlet for families to visit and learn many information about the wildlife and nature in the community.

Meet Franklin

Fraklin is a male Red Eared Slider.  Males are smaller and have longer nails than females.  This semi aquatic turtle is a native of the southeastern part of the United States.  He is an omnivore who eats a variety of plants and animals. Red Eared Sliders are fast swimmers and slide off rocks when they see a predator.

Franklin is cold blooded and enjoys basking in the sun to regulate his body temperature.