How was EarthDay@Loundoun Started?

National Wildlife Federation has set Annual Goals for communities to maintain their Wildlife Habitats Certification.   One of these requirements is to have an event to celebrate this accomplishment.  Celebration event for Broadlands community took place  on May 3rd, 2008 at the Nature Center.
After certification we also have to continue hosting this as our annual event started during certification stage.  EarthDay@Loudoun Family Festival in 2009 was founded by Broadlands Wildlife Habitat Committee not only to celebrate this certification but also share this accomplishment with all the communities around in our county.
Willow Creek Farm was the perfect location for the EarthDay@Loudoun Family Festival event. With support and partnerships of Van Metre, Clyde's and Broadlands Homeowners Assoc., the committee planned the first event where over 75 exhibitors and close to 3000 attendees participated.  On April 25th of 2010 second Annual EarthDay@Loudoun event had over 100 exhibitors and close to 6000 visitors, becoming the largest ever Earth Day event in the county.
For more information visit:   EarthDay@Loudoun Family Festival